Lately I've been slowly crawling my way through the book of Matthew.

Today in Matthew 21, I was reading about Jesus' triumphal entry. There were many observations and things that caught the attention of my heart - but one big thing was the use of the word Hosanna. I feel like I've read, said, prayed, sung that word but today I decided to read more into the meaning and find out where else it was used in the Bible.

Hosanna means "O save!" or "He saves" or "save us".
Just recently I've felt comfort in crying that to Him.
Save me from my sin!
Save my children!
Save the lost that I love!
Rescue us from this season!

I told a friend yesterday that God's word was reminding me to beg Him. Reminding me to cry to Him. Reminding me that this brings Him glory and then, that when I pull myself off of the floor and walk forward into the day with the faith that He gives me, it brings peace to beg.

So I started reading the uses of the phrase Hosanna in the Old Testament.
And what did I find?

2 Sam 14:4-7
2 Kings 6: 25-31

1 Kings 3:16-28

Desperate women. Just desperate.
Sinful, awful, messed up women with no way to handle their own mess.
Seriously - read those passages with caution because you will find some hard stories.
But they knew who to go to, their King.

And so do I.

Just another sweet reminder that we don't have to package ourselves to come to Jesus.
We don't need a plan or perfection.
I pray that these days where I beg "Hosanna" will help me to sing it on the days where things don't seem so dismal, when I would normally think I could do it on my own.
I hope those days I will remember that we all need saving, all the time.
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