fantasy christmas list

So this is what I would buy for all my loved ones, if I had millions of dollars.
Look for your name, I did about three hundred:).

Lauren Hogan, LOOK AT THIS upcycled tshirt scarf! Can we youtube how to make one?

Lexi, this cheesy gravy boat is for you. Maybe if you put that delicious gravy in something not so pretty looking, I wouldn't be so tempted to ask you to tell me how to make it.

East Coast friends - Merry, Erin, LauraT, & Steph - how about we meet in
Charleston and cuddle under a blanket like this?
Lauren S. A beautiful journal to take sermon notes in together so we don't talk in the nursing mom's room.

For Kelly Cowan, because you're a great homemaker and a great photographer and being at your house, makes me want to just cuddle up with some coffee.

For Kimmy B - who is painfully stylish.
Painful for me, cause I'd like to be her.

For Nonny, wouldn't this wall decal be AMAZING in your kitchen?

For my firstborn, who is obsessed with trains & dinosaurs. There is actually a show called "Dinosaur Train" on pbs, but I'm worried it has evolutionist undertones.

For Marilee & Annie, new mommies to second sons - praying you get more sleep than imaginable.

Wait, one more for Elias. What does he love more than dinosaurs & trains?!
For Nick, because he tolerates my OCD planning, but doesn't LOVE the aesthetic of the dry-erase calendar in our kitchen.

For Benja, the original ninja baby.

Kalle, enough said.

And for Gloriana, so we could cook together.

And lastly, for real I might buy this for my sister. She loves a good accessory and this would just pop in her hair!

Thanks for indulging me, that was fun:)
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