Thankful Thursday

It's Wednesday night, but I think I can skip ahead. There is no reason to leave such a depressing blog up for too long.
Here's what I'm thankful for.

  • My sweet friend Kim coming over to help me clean & decorate for Silas' party tomorrow!
  • Oh, and Silas' party here tomorrow night! So honored to get to celebrate it at my house! (and come on, I think there are like 22 kids RSVPed yes! What fun!)
  • Quickdry nail polish.
  • Paper chains to decorate with the kids.

  • That Glor will be getting her permanent cast on Friday. I'm thinking it will be easier to clean - let's just hope it's still pink.
  • Elias & Glory's new game, "I GET YOU!"
  • For Nativity Sets. The toddlers have been playing those things like trading cards. After breakfast, Elias will bribe Glory to "swish merrrrry", meaning give him the mother of Jesus figure. She's the hot commodity. Her and the donkeys that they call horseys.
  • That I will most likely, hopefully, get a shower tomorrow. (and to all the sweet friends who offered, our bathroom pipes aren't frozen - just the kitchen ones. my lack of showering was sadly due to too-much-to-do-syndrome)
  • Coffee. What a great creation.
  • The Bible. Mine is waiting on me to go to bed and wake up for our early date tomorrow. Which makes me smile.
So, friendlies - what are you thankful for?
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