Two quick things.

#1 - Are you looking for a tangible way to help Haiti with your funds?
Two things I'd suggest.
a) Our pastor went to Haiti this week to do some filming & to need-assessment. Our church is taking a special offering this week, but you can also give online to Churches Helping Churches. It seems like they'll be specifically helping churches rebuild during this crazy time.
b) My sweet friend, Staci, is going to be going on a medical mission to Haiti the first week of February. It does my heart good to know that hurting people will get to see her sweet smile and be on the receiving end of her helpful hands. I know they will experience Christ through her. Visit her blog to see how you can help.

#2 - On a completely unimportant note... here is my inspiration for where I'd like to go visually with the old blog. It's a bit confusing right now, but I'll get there. Sooner or later.

Ya'll have a good weekend and I'll continue not blogging next week:)