quote of the day.

I could write volumes on this, but I think I'll let Nick's quote from last night do all the talking. We were on a mini-date (Thanks Nonny) and talking about our kids. A lot of people say you shouldn't talk about kids on a date, but our kids aren't heavy or hard to talk about yet - they're still just joyful little toddlers who make us laugh and shake our heads. Anyhow, we were talking about Glory and Nick said,

"I've made a promise to myself to never turn down a game of 'get-you' with Glory... Because the day I stop chasing her,
she might want someone else to".

What a great dad, right?
It makes me think all sorts of heavy things about the Lord chasing me and watching their relationship unfold, and the burden of being a mother to a girl.
But I'll let you think on those things without my words clouding your thoughts.

However, there is definitely room in everyone's thoughts for this sweet smile, right?

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