twitter, text, & tea

One of the events we semi-planned our holiday vacation around was a conference my mom was organizing at her church here in Mt. Pleasant (Seacoast) for women called "Twitter, Text, & Tea". It sounded like such an amazing idea to get women together to talk about the benefits and purposes behind using technology for the kingdom of God. I obviously love to blog, but I love being able to be spurred on to grow community through areas like facebook and twitter, etc. So I was super pumped when mom asked me to do a breakout session about blogging and equally paranoid as I watched my sister describe me as a "famous mommy blogger" on the youtube video they made to promote the event. I love my sister and I love how much she loves me, but I feel like there may possibly be some dissappointed women looking for real famous mommy bloggers.

Anyhow! If you're in the Charleston/Mt. Pleasant area and want to stop in on Monday - we'll be doing two sessions: 10am-noon and 7-9pm! Come meet a non-famous, non-professional blogger and some other women who are using technology to build community with women and drink some tea.
I for one, will be sneaking in coffee.

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