the whole gospel

As part of our resolution for the New Year, Nick and I have been reading through the Bible together and we're using this plan that has you reading from four different books each day. I have to tell you, I'm loving that Acts!

For some reason, reading through Genesis, Acts, Matthew, and the Psalms all at once has me reading with new eyes - eyes that see a real history rather than familiar stories. I can picture David, hidden in a cave, crying to the Lord. I long for the day when God gives us the full understanding so that we can semi-envision what creation was like. Coming fresh off of advent, I love to picture the wise men bowing down and seeing John and Jesus together in the water at his baptism.

But Acts, it's blowing my mind.

So far, it is these men that should be absolutely rattled, totally freaked out, hiding away from the world - still processing the nutty things they've just seen.
But - they're not. They are living the redemptive work of Christ, with a strong apostolic conviction I can only pray for.

So, anyhow, reading through the Bible.

Reading through this Bible plan, I've tried to just pick a few key verses and ask the Lord to write them on my heart (christian talk for really understand and know that they're true without constantly reading them) since I can't even begin to memorize them all. Well, goodness gracious, I get to Acts and Peter and John are PREACHING the gospel over and over again, to anyone who will listen and even those who don't want to. There are SO many of these verses, I can't even write them all down.

Like this one.

So, what really struck me about these passages was that the gospel is so complete in their words. It's minutes after pentecost, and the Spirit is speaking through them, delivering this truly complete gospel that captures all of what we believe, all of what we hope for. And it got me thinking, could I deliver a complete gospel if someone asked me what this is all about?
Moreover, do I live a complete gospel?

Take that previous passage.
Do I live like Jesus, my personal Savior, defeated death and rose to sit at God's right hand?
Do I practice true repentance?
Do I take full advantage of the gift of the Holy Spirit?
Do I believe all his promises are for me? For my children?
Do I live the whole gospel?

Excuses aside, it's time to start.
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