Counting our blessings, new house edition

1. Food Network
I don't know who is more excited - us or Elias. He LOVES the food network.
2. My new kitchen.
White cabinets, perfect size, more storage than you could dream up, farm sink, can see into the backyard.
3. On that note, the backyard.
We are sharing a backyard that is better than a small park. Two slides, swings, a seesaw, and a small kid-friendly garden. Plus I get to see Michelle & her sweet kiddos when we play.
4. Quietness.
The non-hardwoods and long hallway allow me to be able to BREATHE during naptime without waking up kids. I love it. We don't have to worry about noise at all.
5. There are too many more to count.
The fireplace I'm about to fill with candles, the half-brick/half-paneling wall, the only one bathroom to clean.

Pictures to come. Just as soon as I unpack my camera.

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