Dear Mommy,

Though we are excited that you are gone to have fun and play with your friends, we do miss you so much! Here are a few pictures of us having fun (but not too much fun) while you are gone.


Elias, Gloriana, and Benja

Imagine Elias taking his shoes off...that never happens.

He loved riding his bike.

Glory definitely gave it a try too.

And I quote:
Daddy: "Glor, sweetheart, do you need any help?"
Glory: "No, I do it"

This was definitely try #1.

Try #2
At least we got Benja's dimple. As you can clearly see, this picture conflicted with Glory's BUSY schedule for the day. Glad she could 'grace' us with a 'death gaze'.

Love you and see you soon!

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