friday domesticity report

I suppose this will be the post that concerns "homemaking".
Did anyone come up with a better name?
I think I like homefront. Or Domesticity Report.

Well, first and foremost - I'll tell you - about a week ago, I looked around my house and got a little panicky. We moved in about seven months ago, and while I love this little house - I couldn't believe how little I'd decorated. I have STACKS and stacks of frames outside in my garage, beautiful anthropologie lamps, a few pieces of art, and all I see around me is wall to wall beige and NO decorating. I think my mind was just so overwhelmed the past few months, it didn't even bother me - but now I can't look at the blank wall across from my sofa without getting at least one hive.

So I made a resolution to myself to try and decorate this home and make it feel extremely comfy, even with a ridiculously little budget. I found this idea and vowed to do it and started brainstorming a ton of little projects.... and then - we decided to move! Not because I was impatient with our lack of decorating, of course, but because we our friends have an amazing basement apartment they needed to rent out that is an AWESOME short term situation for us until we make our big move to Boston. So, no need in decorating THIS house - but I have lots of ideas floating around in my mind for our next one - even if it is short term, I'm hoping everything will transfer to MA well.

Here's what I'm thinking inspiration wise.

I'll let you know how that goes!
On to other matters....

Here is my laundry detergent recipe that so many of you mentioned! It's ridiculously easy.
Also - many online are for like 5 gallons. Mine is just for one. I don't have a five gallon container - so I just make it one every other weekish. It is RIDICULOUSLY easy and I cannot believe how well it cleans our clothes. Nick and I are both amazed. Seriously - do ya'll know what kind of coffee stains abound in my life? Major ones - this laundry detergent is powerful enough for all my coffee stained sleeves and toddler potty training accidents. And it smells HEAVENLY. Oh, and it's cheap. I found most of the ingredients at a big grocery store here and outside of the essential oil, all the materials cost under $10. And I'm sure they'll last at least a year. AT LEAST.

Some of you mentioned having good laundry recipes - I want to hear them!
ok, here it is:
Bring 1.65 cups of water to a boil.
grate 1/3 bar of soap (I use dove) and put in the boiling water
stir & dissolve.
Pour in 1 gallon of water & stir.
Add 1/6 cup of washing soda and
1/3 cup of borax. Stir.
While it's still in the pot, if you'd like to add any scents - now is the time. I don't have any certain amount you should add, just until you're worried it might be too strong I suppose! I use lavender & I honestly don't think I use enough. I'm going to start adding more, more, more until Nick says he doesn't like it.

Alright, up next week - bread baking.
As I delve into this little experiment, our house is like the anti-atkins association.
Thankfully I have a few good lady friends leading me, or who know what would happen.
What are YOUR good recipes for bread? Tell me!

(and - as a follow up to yesterday - I'll let you know what bang I'm going with whenever I actually decide, haircut is scheduled for next Wednesday!)