daily schedule

So, when I asked for advice on posts earlier - this was one of the suggestions.
Now, this is a sample if we spent ALL day at home, which happens about three times a week on my new toned-down-not-going-out-as-much plan.

I'm afraid that typing it out will make it seem extremely boring and uninteresting, but maybe if I blog it - you will too and we can learn from one another:)

5:30am: wake up.
(I'm just a morning person and kind of HAVE to get up this early to have my wits about me. Nick can verify - if I wake up past six, I'm like a wild animal with no plan.)
5:30-6:30: quiet time.
Just a tip: Don't tell yourself "oh I'll just check the internet real quick while I wait for the coffee to brew, then I'll start my quiet time!". I too often make this mistake.
6:30: walk or workout. If I'm going to workout at night with Nick, I go on a short walk and just get out of the house. Sometimes I call my mom or sister since I don't get great cell reception in my house and it's 9:30am their time.
7:30: kiddo time. The little ones get bottles/milk in their cribs until this time and Elias gets to read. At 7:30, I'm on. We let them watch a show or two in the morning and I get ready if I'm not already ready.
8am: Breakfuss. Kids eat, I make a smoothie, then I feed Benja or if Nick has time - he does it for me. First vacuum of the day while they're still in chairs.
8:30: crawl time for Benj, free play.
9:30: B naps and I do some sort of structured play with the older two. This usually looks like 15-20 minutes of intense structure and then I let them have a quick snack and more free play.
(numbers, letters, songs, acting out Bible stories, etc.)
11:30: Benj is up and I BEGIN getting lunch ready.
12:15 - 1ish: Eat lunch, I eat a snack and feed B.
1ish: start naptime procedures. Set up B's pack n play, coax Glory into her crib, get Elias settled on the couch. If I hold Elias, he will fall asleep in about fifteen or twenty minutes. When he passes out, I slip him off my lap, go get my own lunch, and TRY to relax. Watch tv, lay on the floor, prayer walk, read, something.
3ish: rally the troops with a post-nap snack. Bananas & usually some letter-shaped animal crackers do the trick. Try VERY hard not to make another pot of coffee. These help.
3:15: post-naptime activity. Play outside, go on a walk, do crafts, run an errand, song/music time.
5pm: Curious George! Please tell me, how many moms utilize the 5pm Curious George break to get dinner started? I know at least five. I start dinner.
5:30/5:45: Dinner as a family, or just the kids and Nick and I will eat a snack.
6:30: Bible time, prayer, and teeth brushing. Bebes in their cribs, Elias in his bed - reading books. (this is sometimes later if we need to do nighttime baths)
7:00ish: Nick and I work out or watch tv, or read, or stare lovingly into one another's eyes. Yeah, that's right. Also, laundry, cleaning, prepping stuff for the next day.
8ish: carefully remove the books from Elias' deathgrip & turn off the light.
10pm: head towards bed.
10:30: lights out or Nick pries the book from my deathgrip.
Start it all over!
So, what's YOUR schedule?

(Annnnndd.... just a picture to tide you over till tomorrow's princess party goodness)

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