family thankfulness

I meant to write a blog about something else, but all I want to say tonight is how thankful I am for my little family. Circumstantially, this has been a rough few days - but each time I get a little stressed, I lay my hand on one of these kiddos and I actually can't be upset. To have three children who are healthy and one husband who is pursuing Jesus and me at the same time - it's too much to handle sometimes. I feel very humbled by His goodness. So, some things I'm specifically thankful for/hilarious things they're doing lately.

- Tonight Elias and I were talking about Jesus' triumphal entry and I said, "And you see this picture of Jesus riding on a donkey?". Elias looked at me in all seriousness and said, "Umm... actually that is a horse...." Literally - word for word. Who is this little talker?
- I love that Benjamin ate about six pounds worth of pancakes tonight for dinner.
- Glory has added the Easter Bunny to her list of irrational fears. This morning when she woke up, her first words were, "Bunny scare me."
- I really appreciate how simple my husband's love languages are.
- I can't believe we're approaching the season where my kids can play outside and I can watch through the window while having a quiet time.
- I don't even mind that Elias has a crush on Giada from the food network. He calls her "G".
- My heart feels glad when Benjamin pats the side of his head, his new favorite trick.
- Today, Elias was an actual lunatic all morning. Before he went down for a nap, we prayed that the Lord would help him be more joyful in the afternoon. He woke up a different boy! When he woke up I asked him if he wanted to watch a movie and he said, "No - I want the tv off - I just want to play with Benjamin!" Who is he? I love him.

I'm just really thankful for these blessings that I don't deserve in the slightest.