fashion? friday.

I fully intended to take a picture of my outfit each day this week, and I also intended to actually get dressed. I did that for one day, took one picture and whole-heartedly decided to quit.

Instead I wore jeans, yoga pants, & crocs almost every day.

This week hit me like a ton of bricks and all of a sudden - feeding my kids, reciting scripture, serving my husband, and trying to keep my kitchen semi-clean was really all that mattered. Doing those things partially well took up enough energy to fully distract me from what I was wearing.

So here is a post about crocs instead.

In pre-children days, Kalle texted me one day and asked my opinion regarding the appropriateness of wearing crocs. In my snobby "i-work-at-anthropologie-and-only-wear-clothes-that-say-something-important" mentality, I really thought it over and then decided:
Crocs are only wearable for before & after yoga class, and gardening.

Then I saw the Mary-Jane style ones and eventually bought them just before we moved to the Northwest because I knew I'd be running lots of errands and doing lots of housework and I thought they'd be helpful for that.

Well, all I'm saying is. This week I ran no errands, did no gardening, and only did yoga within the comfort of my living room. But aren't those crocs so nice for hiding half-polished toes?

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