on the docket.

Are you ready for this?
I like nothing better than a good plan.
You ask for it, I'll plan it.
Here's whats coming on here in the next week.

Friday: A tribute to my almost two-year old baby girl. My heart just stopped a little. How in the world do I have a two year old little girl? I may or may not be ugly crying in Starbucks right now.
Monday: Design Stuff, and I may have a portfolio page up and running by then if I get my junk together. This will include but not be limited to: some Mars Hill women's retreat things [I carry my bag everywhere because I'm just so excited about it still], small business logos, recent blog headers, and Glory's bday invitation that I didn't send out for lack of time.
Tuesday: Oh goodness. Unless I chicken out - I will be doing a step-by-step PICTURE diary of how I do my hair. You guys keep asking for tutorials and more than anything, I want to show you a picture of it in all it's natural frizzy unruliness so you'll feel a little bad for me. Plus, for real - I like hair. Come over and let me play with yours.
Wednesday: A heavy, big-girl, doctrine post that you may or may not read and no one will comment on. It's ok, I'm used to it:) I want to write it anyhow. AND It's #1 of a three part series.
Thursday: Recipes & home tricks. Most are borrowed from Annie. It's helpful to have great cooks for friends. Now maybe we can beg Kalle to post some recipes too.
Friday: Now this, I'm excited about! My new goal as of late is to get dressed every day. Not as if I went around unclothed before - but I'm talking no work-out clothes allowed for the better part of the day. Next week I'm going to try VERY hard to plan actual outfits from what I can find in my closet and take a picture each day. I'll post them all on Friday if I make it though. A yoga pant or two might sneak in there. But basically, I'll try and copy these cuties for one day.

Ok, so - come on back for more goodness.
And for those that requested poop stories, I'll try and sneak one or two in.
And once more, SERIOUSLY? TWO?! No - she's still this big.
I left Starbucks to save myself the embarrassment.

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