on the homefront

On the homefront, I have very little to update.
We're kind of teetering extremely close to considering ourselves unpacked.
Watch out, now.

But - I do have three things I would like to say.
#1) What do you think about wall decals in general and specifically headboard wall decals?
If I had a fun, whimsical room I think something like this would be fun. But it would have to be an out-of-the-way room.

But the headboards, I don't know - I think I kind of love them. Because of spatial requirements, we've recently abandoned our wrought iron king size for our plank queen, which is good for intimacy and simplicity... but I need a headboard.
Thoughts? too juvenile?

#2) My only tip to offer is homemade yogurt.
Annie clued me in to this recipe and I LOVE IT. It only saves me about $3/week because I use organic milk, but still $3 is $3.

#3) I have a future obsession.
Meaning, in the future, I will be obsessed with it.
Now I just dream. I've informed my husband that once we are settled and can begin collecting it, I'd like to switch to using Fire King Jadite dishes. You have to collect them from ebay and antique stores, but it's worth it to me. I just think they're beautiful and I want them to be our future-new-nuetral. Oh, one day.

Ok. Hope you're all well.
What are you home tips & tricks for the week?
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