This is a follow-up birthday post. A continuation if you will.

The whole time I was decorating for Glory's party, I kept thinking, "Thank you Jesus for giving me a little girl. Thank you Jesus for giving me THIS little girl!" Because as much fun as it to put up beautiful pastel streamers and balloons, it's really just amazingly fun to do it for this little girl - who is going to come out of her room at naptime and her heart will burst with joy and gratitude over four packs of .77 streamers.

Sweet Mare & Kel were curious at her party what I loved most about her. I replied:
#1) How joyful she is. She may be dramatic but she's not ever sullen. She wants to be happy, she wants you to be happy too!

#2) How much she loves her Daddy. Seriously, she LOVES him. Her world revolves around him. I pray this translates well when she realizes how much more her Heavenly Father loves her.

But now I can't stop and I want to tell you more and more and more about her.
Which makes me want to write more and more and more about Benja and Elias.
So, maybe this will be kid week.
But I'll start with Glory.

Some things you probably don't know about Glory:
- She is OBSESSED with swinging in our new backyard. It's her love language. She has even taught Elias to come and ask me to push her when I tell her not to ask me anymore. Seriously. He'll come up and say, "Mommy - will you PLEASE help swing Glory?!"

- She says two phrases about sixteen batrillion times daily. a) "hold you, mommy!" [hold you means I hold her, but I cannot sit down. it's not cuddling, it's like just letting her be my size and get into whatever I'm doing] and b) "I'm hungry, mommy!" Sometimes she tells me she's hungry as I'm clearing her mammoth size breakfast.

- Most of her bff's are boys, but her REAL friends are my friends. Mare, Kelly, Annie, and Kim all are REALLY important to her. She likes to cuddle with them and they are usually the only other people she'll say, "hold you" to.

- She has taught Benjamin to growl and to hit. Neither of these things make me happy. She literally TAUGHT him to growl and to hit. I'm laughing typing this (even though I'm not happy about it).

- She likes to kiss things. Inanimate objects. Before naptime or bedtime, she usually has to kiss like five random things. Mickey Mouse on the diaper box, her princess book, a picture of herself, the table, you name it.

- She eats play-doh & markers. I always think I can trust her again and let her try but I come back to find her with a purple mouth and gagging on pink doh.

She is my favorite female in the whole world and I love her.

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