To my amazing two year old little lady.

Miss Gloriana,

When I found out I was having a little bebe girl, I had about a million expectations of what it would be like. Of what she would be like. How our relationship would be. You are nothing like my expectations and you've exceeded every single one. I absolutely love how the Lord has made you and one of the biggest things I'd like to give you is a love for the unique identity He has given you. So far - you seem more than comfortable with it. Here are some of my favorite things about you, just a few:

- I love how much you love to dance. For that matter, I love dancing with you.
- When you take care of babies, specifically your Benja - my heart melts.
- I love that you like to show Daddy every outfit you put on your body, ever. It's a good thing, because he will probably make you do that till you get married.
- Your dad says getting you to bed is like herding cats and I totally agree. It takes you two hours to get anywhere we want you to be.
- I love that you wear Benjamin's skunk hat from his halloween costume to Target and call it hair bow.
- I am just obsessed with your smile and your crinkly eyes.
- When you ask me to pray for you sixteen times a day, my heart is glad.
- I love that you'd rather watch Kung Fu Panda than Cinderella.
- When you cuddle with me, a little bit it seems everything is right with the world.
- I am so thankful to the Lord that you seem to just make our family. The two silly boys and the beautiful girl in between them.
- I love your irrational fears that pop up, oh - every day or so. Cats, your Poppy, snowmen, and most recently - the woman who leads worship at our bible study. You're the only person more skittish than me. And yet... cool as a cucumber when you want to be.
- Those curls, I mean - come on.

Glory-girl, beauty-queen, crazy-lady-baby, princess, gooey.
Whatever we call you - you are a BLESSING.
We love you so much.
Your mama & daddy.
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