I apologize in advance.

I guess you could say it all started here. Some well meaning bacon and a recipe.

In truth, it started with this food network special on bacon - where we saw this donut place that makes bacon maple apple donuts. Nick loves bacon, Elias loves bacon. I'm sure Benja will love bacon as soon as I give it to him. I just want to make my boys happy.
Is that really so bad?

But I want to make my girl happy too, so I let her cook with me - which makes her whole life.

Elias heard there was bacon, so he came around. And made his cute new scrunchy nose face.

And then they spilled the cookie cutters. So, that was fun for a while.

Benja didn't give me the memo that we were supposed to wear makeup.

Here's the salad I made to distract myself from the warm crispy bacon filled donuts calling to me from the counters.

Oh gosh, and then came the maple glaze.

Some people put sprinkles on their sweets, I say - let's put some pig up on there ya'll.

It was a delightful Thursday.

How could it NOT have been?
(Please make those donuts and have an amazing Friday. My gift to you. I'm sorry for any residual pounds that may occur from the inevitable over-consumption of these donuts.)
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