my day in pictures

Yesterday I made some homemade butter which is THE EASIEST thing in the world. Heavy whipping cream & a little bit of ice cold water in the blender. It is DELICIOUS. The only problem, now I want to eat butter constantly.

UGH - this is seriously my favorite mail gift ever. EVER. Remember those mugs I blogged about? My mom sent them to me! And you know what, I LOVE the cute little metal holder. They just fit right there, perfectly and I love them. Love them. Thank you mama.

I call this picture "mommy just wanted to watch oprah".

I NEVER watch Oprah. I never watch adult tv during the day, ever. I know what will happen. Complete rebellion. But today, the cast of Glee was on Oprah and I wanted to see it so bad. So I set up the kiddos with some coloring and Benja and I sat in front of the tv for about 3.5 seconds. This is what we came back to.

And I call this picture, "almost a sleepover". Could those two BE any cuter? I love you, Silas.

It was a really beautiful Wednesday.
Butter, four napping kids under four, coffee, about fifteen seconds of Oprah.
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