spa day

Do you need a spa day? I sure do. Oh gosh, what would you DO if you had an all-expense paid spa day? I'd do some sort of coffee exfoliation goodness, a hair treatment, definitely a mani/pedi, and maybe even a detoxifying body wrap. I shouldn't have even started thinking about it. (ps: as I was typing that, I got an email from groupon about half off a body wrap at the The Westin Bellevue - someone should jump on that!)

Ok, well here is my prescription for a non-spa day/spa day.
1) A shot of B6. Go to your nearest naturopath and get one. Good for energy and nervous system. Yesterday, my doctor gave me one and - I got more accomplished after 8pm than I have in months. This morning, it's back to the yawns and the shakes. Yikes.

2) Honey-yogurt-egg yolk mask. This is seriously the greatest natural face mask I've ever tried. Little bit of plain yogurt, one egg yolk, and a big old dollop of honey. The egg yolk helps the preteen-hormonal-issues that women in their twenties & thirties should not have to deal with and inevitably still do, the honey helps for glow, and who knows what the yogurt does! Makes the whole thing smell a bit better? I love it! I'm going to go slather it on my face right now while I get the house ready for the day.

3) All of Romans 8. Way better than a body wrap.
Enjoy your wednesday!
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