10 things I love

10 things I'm just LOVING right now.

1. Modcloth. Come on... these things are amazing! I'm not buying, but it sooooo fun to look.
That little floral yellow number, a laptop case! Goodness me.

2. Roast beef in salads. Strange, but true.
3. The Curious George soundtrack by Jack Johnson. Feels like a good compromise between kid music and bearable.
4. Our friends, the Theophilus family. Atleast that's what we call them.
5. That my kids favorite new phrase is "yeah, yeah!" Especially Benjamin! He loves to hold the phone up to his ear and say, "yeah! yeah? Yeah! yeah!"
6. My husband. He hasn't even left yet (I'm writing this early) and I already miss the mess out of him. He has sort of already left because he has a super busy few days before he leaves. All I'm saying is, I really love my husband. Way more than modcloth or Jack Johnson.
7. Our new Connolly-family day schedule. We pushed naps and bedtimes back and Elias has been sleeping till 7 and this morning - Glory and Benjamin slept till EIGHT! That is a MIRACLE.
8. The fact that there are TONS of free workout videos on our On Demand. I usually do a Jillian hard-core workout, then supplement with something hilarious and fun like Kim Kardashian. You would think that doing a workout where the "trainer" can where a corset and still workout wouldn't be hard, but sure enough the first day I did KK's stuff - I blacked out. Hilarious.

9. Which brings me to.... Blacking out. I don't really LOVE blacking out. I've done it a few times while pregnant and happened to repeat this event again after making the mistake to not eat a little something before working out. But I gotta tell you, the rest of the day I thought.... "that really felt good". Not the workout, the blackout. It was like being drunk without the sin, smell, or pukes. So - the moral of the story is: you know you're a tired stay at home mom of three kids when you black out for about 4 seconds and think about how good it felt for 4 days.

and the 10th thing I love.....
10. My favorite new cookbook.

(a Mother's Day gift that I'll cherish forever)
Also - how many Jillian Michaels plugs can I make in one blog? She should be paying me!
ok - your turn, 10 things you're loving?! Go!

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