It's 9:32am on a Monday morning and my heart is already beating a little too fast.
You can apparently get up at 5am, go on a walk with a good friend, have some time with Jesus and still lose your cool when your toddler insists on spitting out his cereal milk for the 18,000th time or when your other toddler drags a dirty shovel behind her on your freshly vacuumed floor.

So, as they play a little crazily outside and Benjamin is tucked in for his morning nap, let me tell you some peaceful, beautiful things about them. Partially to document, and partially in attempt to calm my crazy nerves and make it to naptime.

I'll start with Elias.
- I love all the sweet things E is saying lately. One of my favorite phrases, "no, I not." In example: Mommy: "You little nut! Stop spitting out your milk! Are you crazy?" Elias: "No. I not."
- I can't believe that my three year old still really loves and needs to nap with me every once in a while. Before Glory was born, I remember thinking I needed to mourn those naps with him, because they'd probably never happen again. Little did I know that a nap while holding me was going to be his all-time love language for a few years. Most days I try to just sit beside him, so I don't fall asleep myself - but every once in a while, he says, "Mommy! Lay down with me!". And... I mean, I have to oblige.
- Lately, E is way into parties. When I ask him what he wants to do each day, he says "Let's have a party!" Which is sweet and reminds me so much of myself. We're both introverts who love people - so the idea of a party sounds great, but afterwards - it takes us a few days to get normal again.

Onto Gloriana.
- Her vocab is growing a little tooo fast. She doesn't totally know what she's talking about, but boy is she cute talking. Yesterday she told me, "God's grandma is SOAKING WET!".
- Now this is creepy, but stay with me. Glory's breath is the sweetest smell on earth. First thing in the morning, after eating, before bedtime - it's literally like a floral scent. I'm not even kidding.
- Today I caught Glory in the bathroom WELL OVER fifteen times. She isn't allowed in the bathroom. Each time, I disciplined her. She still went back, over fourteen more times. That is the kind of tenacity you kind of have to respect.

and Benja, oh Benja.
- His favorite new phrase is "uh oh!". Enough said.
- The other day, he hadn't seen Nick for a day or two and he heard his Daddy's voice across the room after a naptime. He literally leapt from my arms and ran/crawled right into Nick's arms. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen him do. Now he does it each time Nick comes home from work!
- He really likes to sing. Anytime there is music on, he just starts wailing out his own words and melody. Precious.

ok, it's 7:20pm now.
That was a stressful day, but now I'm excited to see those little nuts again in twelve hours.