If you like it then you shoulda put a candle in it.

My vision-casting husband has declared June "marriage month". We're reading marriage books together, paying attention to what needs some work, and re-dedicating ourselves to pray for our wonderful blessed union.

Nick was gone most of last week to Boston, then working the rest of the week - so the kids were missing him this morning and asking about where he was. I was explaining, "Daddy is working at one place this morning and then going to another work later today! Aren't you so thankful Daddy works so hard for us?!" And sweet Elias, in his broken english, said something to the effect of, "We need to make a treat for Daddy with a candle and say GOOOOD JOB!" (please picture my pint-size E doing a massive fist-jump into the air as he says "good job"). To Elias, a treat with a candle in it is a little like heaven. Poor Benj got so confused last week when it was his birthday, because Elias made me bring him his dinner with a candle in it like six times (on a few different days).

In other news, we've had a hard time with Elias getting up pretty early in the morning, which would be nice (because we love his company), but it's usually the only time for me to work out and have some Bible time and sometimes, his early morning requests can get distracting. So last night I told Elias he could have ANY treat he wanted, if he stayed in his room after he woke up - until I came to get him. Of course - his only request was a treat with a candle in it.

This morning came and Lord knows what time he woke up. Probably like 3am. But he stayed in his room till 7:30. Playing, cleaning, being a big boy and getting himself dressed. When he asked for his treat, I explained I'd have to cook something to put a candle in... but he could not wait. All he wanted was to blow that sweet candle out. So I obliged and threw in a candy watch that my mom sent him like six months ago. Just because he's cute.

This is a very long way to say....
I'm kicking off June right, on this last day of May.
This afternoon the kids and I are going to scour our cookbooks and stroll to our neighborhood store for some ingredients. We'll bake up something delicious (hopefully) and beautiful (prayerfully). And you better believe they'll be some lit candles on it when we finally give it to our Daddy.

Because we really like him and he deserves it.
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