little bit of legacy

I'm horrible at scrapbooking and I keep having REALLY good intentions to order some photo books from Walmart, but I keep forgetting. Some day, some day.
So I worry about legacy - how will my kids know about these early days, because I sure won't remember. I mean, I hope I remember some things... but I barely remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday.

So, this little OCD part of my life brings me a bit of comfort.

My notebooks. ahhhh.

I use my notebooks for everything. Usually every morning, I write down our day's schedule and what we need to get done as well as things on my heart I want to pray about. I keep my notebook out all day, or handy at least, to make notes, update our lists, etc. I also write all my notes/thoughts/prayers in there while I'm reading the Bible. AND I put all recipes/grocery lists/blog ideas/ notes from conversations I want to remember.

These are just the notebooks I've used since October. Yikes.
I also go through a lot of pens.

So, if anything, if I NEVER find time to make some scrapbooks, which I hope isn't the case - at least my kids can read these. And see a small little piece of our life.

So.... how do you do legacy? Memories? Any tips?
Any volunteers to come make my scrapbooks for the last three years?
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