moving on up.

If I was a bragger, I would not be able to keep myself from bragging about my husband's hard work in grad school this year. Thankfully I'm not because he'd be blushing and I'd be sinning. I'll tell you this much - he's in the middle of getting a master's degree in ONE YEAR which means thousands of pages of reading and hundreds of pages of writing. And when he told me his grades so far, I was SHOCKED. He's not just getting by, he's taking care of business. Ok, let me stop before I start bragging.

The real dilemma, what in the world do I wear to his graduation?
What do I wear to say "Are you serious, you genius?! Good job! I can't believe you got a master's degree in a year and still are the greatest husband and dad on earth!!!!" Here are some things I'm thinking.

simple & sophisticated

colorful & playful?

on the road to elegant?

or, all out dressssssssed up?

No matter what, Nick and I have decided I WILL be wearing nude heels.
I think I decided a year ago I was going to do that, in this post.
oops. For real this time, I will.

Also, let's be for real.
I would say, "vote on these and I'll buy one!".
But ya'll know I'm going to go to Ross and try to find something for $8.
I'll let you know how it goes:)
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