our Benja Boy

Sweet Benj.

Your Heavenly Father made you so handsome, so loving, and so hilarious. He made you to fit this family perfectly. He made you to dash all our understandings of what three kids would be like. You couldn't be further from a burden, or a nuisance, or a headache. You're the definition of a blessing.

You're twenty some pounds of pure fun.
You love cars and saying "vroooooom".
You loooooove bananas and monkeys and eating.
No one on earth (except maybe me) loves you more than your sister, Glory
and while you love her deep down, you pretend to be annoyed with her all day.
Elias, however, can do no wrong in your book.

Pancakes, singing, and dancing are the idea of your perfect day.
You make lots of moments in my day perfect.

Your daddy and I pray for you a lot. Pray that you'd tone down the charm a bit so ALLLLLL the ladies wouldn't love you so much. Pray that you'd be bold and brave and a leader for Jesus and not your own causes. Mostly, I pray for you future wife - that her Daddy is cuddling her too so she's ready for all your physical touch.

Benjamin Haddon, son of my right hand...
I'm sorry you have croup and are quarantined on your birthday.
I promise to let you eat a bazillion bananas while you sing and dance all day long.

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