thank me later

This is my new favorite recipe, EVER.
faux-pancake-healthiness is my name for it.

Two egg whites, one whole egg, teaspoon or so of vanilla (I'm not a measurer), and a big old dollop of honey. Whip that all together with a fork.

Griddle it like a pancake.
(if you use a pan, it would probably make a better shape, but I happen to like mine looking like africa a little)

Flip it like a pancake.
Put maple syrup on it, apples, berries, bananas, whatev.
Pretend like it's a pancake.

It's gluten free! Dairy free! Healthy! Natural! Delicious!
It's my new favorite breakfast.
And in all truth... don't thank me. Thank Bethenny Frankel!
I read it in her awesome book!
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