Dear mom,

Dear mom,

Five years ago, as I was being an annoying college-aged bridezilla, you spent some well-meaning time laboring over a wonderful photo slideshow for our wedding reception. I can't imagine what trouble you went to to contact all my friends and Nick's family and get such sweet pictures - but I do well remember when we decided to ditch the slideshow in the midst of the reception because we couldn't get it to work.

I could see you were disappointed but I was so concerned about keeping the all important reception-schedule, we decided to just watch it the next day at the post-wedding brunch. Please forgive me, can we blame my dismissal of your important slideshow on my dieting psychosis caused by living off of bran muffins and diet coke for weeks? Please?

I hope I can make it up to you now.

This week the kids and I were looking for a cd to listen to and came across the dvd, "nick and jessi wedding". I think it might be the recording of our ceremony, so I popped it in and was pleasantly surprised to see it was the slideshow. The tears were rolling as soon as I heard the opening notes to "my girl". As the four of us watched childhood pictures of me roll by, I loved that they both thought they were just seeing pictures of Glory and as Nick's baby pictures passed, they thought it was Elias. Super sweet.

When it got to the pictures of Nick and I, my heart was overwhelmed. How is that I love my husband a million times more than the day we got married? I know I really loved him on that day, but it barely feels fair to compare the emotions I had that day the same as what I have today. What I find in my heart today is entirely different.

We've got nothing to offer one another. No riches, no fame, no wisdom, no glory. Little comfort, very few possessions, and on this particular day - we were incredibly broken-hearted. For the fallen world we live in, for our own sin, for just how hard life is. Two broken, sinful people came together to make a family and on our best days - we've got nothing left over for one another but hope in Christ.

And now we have this slideshow to look back on and thank the Lord for the faithfulness He's shown to us and the devotion He's instilled in us for one another.

It was beautiful.
Love you, Jessi
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