an early summer day

My kids are making me fall in love with summer.
Today, we didn't feel tempted to turn on the tv once and I don't think one toy was played with.

The "big" kids started out with some outside playing while Benja napped and Mommy read.
Then we walked to "our track" at a nearby school for some laps and ball.
Then played outside which led to eating outside.

Which led me to remember taking this picture last summer.

Which led me back inside to cry a little and feed this cutey some lunch.

And that one on one time caused him to think he was the king of the day.

His confidence caused me to have quite a clean-up.

But giving the little one some alone time means giving the big ones some time for mischief.
Which led to this.

And this.

But in the end, I had three babes, exhausted and worn out, and clean. Ready for naptime.
I love early summer.

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