penelope & ruby

It all started with an innocent game of mommy & baby.
Glory was sweetly caring for her baby; bottles, lotion, rocking to sleep. Elias was the proud uncle and Benja was enjoying the break from her babying him.
Her baby's was named Penelope.

Then Elias decided he wanted to be a daddy, too!
My heart leapt! Of course he would want to be a daddy, when he has such a fantastic one!
He named his sweet little girl Ruby. An ode to his auntie I'm sure.

Until Glory realized she'd rather be a Daddy than a Mommy.
Insert full on tantrum, flailing arms and kicking legs. Tears, tears, tears.
I just sat beside her lifelessly and Nick looked on too.
Of course you do, sweet girl, it's our curse. Just read Genesis 3:16.
Nick just looked at her sadly and said, "Go ahead and get it all out now sweet girl".

We let her cry until she started hitting the baby.
Cause, come on - it's not the baby's fault that she's the mommy and not the daddy.
Fast forward ten minutes and Elias is still trying to figure out how to swaddle the baby and Glory has moved on to playing "super princess" with the cape and everything.
I promise you, I can't make this stuff up.

Be encouraged today moms, you might think in your heart it's easier to be the daddy than the mommy - but at least God has made you innately good at swaddling.
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