summer list

I've read so many sweet blogs of moms with older children who have these precious to-do lists for the summer and thought, "I cannot wait until that is us!". I just never realize how un-babyish my babies are these days.

Imagine my surprise when, this morning, Elias starts freaking out, wrecking the house, saying, "I can't find my list! Where is my list?! My summer list?!" Say what, big boy? I quickly figured out he was imitating a scene from an Arthur movie we'd gotten at the library and it was so cute, I couldn't help but ask him if he wanted to make as summer list, which of course - he did!

So, we got out some paper, started writing, and when it was all said and done - we had to pray over that list because some of it seems a bit lofty. It inspired me to dream a little bigger about what I want the summer to be like and ask the Lord to fulfill those things that are in accordance with His will.

Before I get too serious... here is my sweet boy's very first summer list.
- go on an airplane
- watch Eloise, the movie (this was Glory's)
- go to Nonny's house
- go to the beach
- go on a boat and see something
- play with Abel
- go to a campfire
- get a new toothbrush
- eat some goldfish
- eat some ice cream
(I swear he doesn't only eat veggies all day)
- go to the zoo
- go swimming with Nonny
- do fire with daddy (this one scares me a bit)
- go to class at Nonny's church
- Ruby come to my house
- go on a bus
- go to school
(I'm going to have to get a little creative here)
- watch Cars movie
- go to the track and run
- walk to the store & get a treat
- eat pasta at Silas' house
- cook ice cream
- play outside in a bathing suit
- eat some corn.
- go with James to Kanah & Grace's house
- go on an eating date with Daddy
(yeah, buddy - me too)
- have a picnic
- play upstairs with Tullie & Ellison
- do swimming
- go to the library
- go on a boat with Pop.
- play ball.

Yeah, no babies here.
We've got a straight up BOY on our hands.
And I love him.
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