a time for mourning

A few months ago, I was preparing to take a meal to a friend who'd just had her fourth baby. Despite it being a hectic day, I found time to whip up some eggplant parmesan and Nick came home early so I could go alone to get it to her house in time for dinner.

When I escaped and drove to Jackie's, I was overwhelmed with the fact that although she'd just given birth to her fourth baby, Zeke, her home was much more peaceful than the one I'd just left. She had homemade granola for me to take home, and a sweet gift for my husband too. Jackie is peaceful, wise, life-giving, and she loves Jesus so much. A friend and I decided that if there was someone we needed to be learning from, it was her. She's been gracious to welcome us into her home every few weeks, encourage us about our marriages and home-life and in general, point us to Jesus.

Glory thinks Jackie is Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, she can't decide which - but she definitely believes "Miss Jackie" is a princess. We love their whole family so much and we'd love if you'd pray for them.

Our heart is breaking for the Jarawan family. Sweet Zeke went to be with Jesus yesterday. Would you pray for miraculous comfort for their family? I can't begin to imagine their sorrow and shock, but I know well their strong faith in Jesus and I'm thankful for it.

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