words get in the way.

The truth is,
I'm a wannabe foodie.
My relationship with food has traveled from frequent-fad-dieter to diet-food-consumer-extradinaire (think lots of diet coke and protein bars) to curious-about-nutrition and has landed somewhere now in absolutely-in-love-with-real-food-and-produce-and-learning-more-about-it.
I'm a fan of all of it! The science! The taste! Learning about organics! Eating for you blood type! Gluten free! Dairy free! and on and on and on.
So here is my tribute to food bloggers, because if I didn't have kids and I had infinite time on my hands, I'd be one. I'd subject the internet to seeing pics of my meals three times a day for sure.

For now, I just subject my husband to my over-excitement and recitation of Michael Pollen's food rules. Just kidding. Sort of.

you can't be off to a bad start here. mango, tomato, cilantro.

to that I added some lime juice, garlic, orange.

whip up a little cilantro-lime vinagerette with goat cheese and honey.

I was almost ready to stop there and eat just that for dinner.

but then my husband grilled up this mahi mahi.

and he got it in tacos, while I took a salad.

avocado chunks, yes please.

at this point, Nick started pacing asking why in the world I was taking pictures when he so badly wanted to eat.

that's another good reason I'm not a food blogger. Can't make the husband wait for his food!

Thank you, it was fun to pretend for a day.
If you want to read a REAL food blog, I suggest either of these two.
Kath Eats Real Food or of course, P Dub.

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