pictures that sting

Today I was rummaging through our computer and came across these. Here are just a few of the ones that stung my heart a little. Because seriously, is it going this fast?

fall of 08.

this is the day I found out I was pregnant with Benja.
I'm not sure I can even remember Glory's hair this short, now that it's practically longer than mine.

one of my favorite mother/child pics ever. And my favorite memories.
Thanks Lauren for snapping these.

I cannot believe that Elias' hair was actually that long.
Or that Benja's is basically that long now.

The day Glor had eye surgery. Breaks my heart a little.

Oh hi Benjamin, I mean Elias. This is when we gave him the puppy that Staci gave him for his 1st birthday. Now, it's missing all the stuffing and it's a light brown color - but he still sleeps with his puppup every night.

Benja, day one.

My first little best-friend-baby.

a special day.

when she is so feisty these days, I'm not sure why I'm surprised.
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