so, here's the deal.

And all of a sudden, things are moving quite quickly.
Here's a little update on our life/family/church plant:
The kids and I are leaving Seattle this Wednesday night to head to the East Coast.
Nick will follow behind us in a week or so.
We'll spend a few weeks in the South doing fundraising, some resting, and having fellowship time with our extended family - and then it's off to Boston.

A phrase we've used a lot around this house the past few days is "like pulling a band-aid off". That's a lot what this week is going to be like for us. In so many ways, the Lord has used our time on the West Coast as a band-aid, an aid for sure in some way, to bless and help our family. Saying it's going to be hard to leave is just silly (it's going to be way more than hard), but it's going to be quick and of course - we're excited for what's ahead.

I may not blog anymore this week, so here is what I'll leave you with and we'd love your help. Here is our prayer list that we drafted up last night, we'd love your prayers as we make this massive transition.

{right now}
- please pray that we'd have a strong ending to our fundraising in Seattle. we still need roughly $5K to hit the goals we had for fundraising before we left.
- for our children on the flight to the east coast. um, and their mommy:)
- stability for them as we do a lot of traveling in the next week or two seeing family
- that Nick would finish well at Puma
- for all the majillion logistics we still need to get worked out
- that we'd have adequate time to really say goodbye to our friends that we love so much here.

{transition time}
- that we'd hit our fundraising goals while in the south. roughly $20K.
- good rest time as a family
- that we'd have gospel centered fellowship time with our extended family & friends
- that all of Nick's fundraising trips/church planting meetings would go well
- also we're praying that the Lord would provide a little temporary "home" in the south. we have family that has generously offered for us to stay with them but we'd love to have somewhere to really settle for a few weeks so we can do all the fundraising necessary.

There are many, many more prayer requests but I'll save those.
The Connolly Family thanks you.
And of course, go to where you can read more about our church plant and give online!