you can take the girl out of the south...

I may be a gluten-free, dairy-free, flexitarian but like my husband says,
I am NOT someone who should have access to a countertop fryer. I'd fry my own pinky if it tasted good I think.

So tonight for dessert, I decided to fry up some dairy-free, almost gluten-free banana fritters.
Please make them, please. I really am thinking about making them again tomorrow:)

Slice up some bananas.
Throw them in a mixture of almond milk, whole wheat flour, honey and vanilla.
(This is where you could make them gluten free completely - use oat flour or something like that)

Fry those bad boys in whatever you've got. I used canola oil, but next time I'm going to try sunflower oil.

Drain 'em and drizzle them.
Nick and the kids got chocolate & powdered sugar.
I got honey.

Next time, I'm going to dip them in almond butter first, then the flour mixture.
What variation are you going to try?
Because you ARE going to try them, right?

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