you cute little church planters, you.

Nick and I were talking this morning and there is one thing I would like to say to our community here before I leave. You have actually taught us what community is. I literally don't know if there is ANYWHERE in the entire world where the church is so beautiful. In the past two and a half years, you have loved us relentlessly and encouraged us passionately. You've sacrificed time and emotion and money and anything you could, just for us - some normal people. Just like you do everyone else.

And in the past thirty six hours, you've gone beyond most people's wildest imaginations of community. You've prayed for us more than I've ever thought possible. Prayed for our marriage, our future friends, our children, our house, our rest, our flights, our health. You've laid hands on us and one of you even gave me a sweet little back rub while you prayed. You've played with us. Hosted us. Hosted as many people as possible so that we could say goodbye one last time. Ok, now just once more. You've given to our church. This is never how we imagined fundraising would go - little bit by little bit, given all by super sacrificial friends. You've stuffed checks in our back pockets and cash in our purses.

You've cried with us. You've laughed with us. You've bought our children more gifts than should be legal and you've basically bought out the bulk section of "natural and healthy kid treats and snacks" at your local grocery stores. You've stopped by and stopped by again, right at the right time. You've hugged us and sobbed with us in shopping mall parking lots. You've gone grocery shopping for us and written down scripture for us that one of us will very likely need to reference very often.

We're the definition of weak, undeserving, and the least of these. You've encouraged us and reminded us of the power of Christ in us and the promise that He'll work through us. Somehow, even at your absolute loving-est, you've enabled us to move past broken and sad to hopeful and excited. Because if you all love us this well, we HAVE to go and love Boston like this. In Jesus' name.

You've basically begun planting our church.
By living it out with us, in front of us, for God's Glory.
Thank you is only the beginning.
The only way we know how to thank you, to thank Him for giving us this community is to go and try our hardest to show others what you've shown us.
We love you.