and we're baaaaack.

This past week, we took Glory to the church that my sister, brother-in-law, and mom all work at and she was OVERJOYED. Her and Elias have been talking about going back to Nonny's church for seven months straight. She walked in, and every single person she passed, she greeted with a hearty, "WE'RE BACK!". And we are, getting back to this new interim normal.

Nick is here and before I sprinted off for the weekend,
we made time to go on the first of many hopeful dates.
If you want to know why he likes like he's giving me the heimlich and why I look like I'm gearing up for a good arm wrestle - well, I don't know the answer to that.
We were just happy to go on a date. Ten days without your husband is NOT a good idea.

But then I was off for some wedding weekend goodness in Columbia, SC.
Saturday morning I got in the car and hustled over to Cola to celebrate my sweet friend Stephanie, in an awesome little shower with college friends.
I'm glad I brought a sundress.
Steph's the bridely looking one in the front, wearing white! What a wife she'll make!

It was a really sweet thirty-six hours filled with laughing, memories, gospel-centered conversations and friends. I love these ladies a lot.

(mere, me, steph, & laura anne)
a lot. a lot.

But now, it's finally back to a little bit more normal life. We have about five days of no traveling, our Daddy with us, a ton of fundraising to do,
some kids to raise, and some rest to have. Oh, and a blog to write!

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