Here is a slight update on the 4/5 of the Connolly's abiding on the East Coast.
sans-pictures because we're camera-less.
we're also going to call this our list of evidences of God's grace in an attempt to stay positive.

- Glory LOVES swimming. She puts on a swimsuit-style-lifejacket and gets in the absolute middle of the pool, screaming, "I'm like a mermaid! I'm like a fish! DON'T TOUCH ME!" and she refuses to let you get within three feet of her. As a mama, it's a bit terrifying but so beautiful when she passes out cold at 8pm.
- Elias loves his cousins. I'm glad he hasn't realized he misses his west-coast friends yet, but today I asked him if he missed any of his friends and he said, "uh-huh. abel." (his cousin, who he'd just seen the day before).
- Jessi loves her family. Today I got to cook for and pray with my sister. I got to go running with my Dad and stepmom this weekend (and we narrowly missed getting eaten by a wild boar in the middle of the north carolina country - true story), and now I'm relaxing and drinking coffee with my mom.
- We've got a lot to look forward to. Daddy comes on Thursday night, we can't wait to see him and all of his family. We have many more friends to see, many more cities to visit, lots more rest to have, and umm.... a church to plant!
- The east coast is beautiful. I'm still really missing and mourning my world that is four thousand miles away, but this place sure is sweet too. The one-billion degree weather at ten a.m. and the air conditioning inside the houses and the overpriced avocados and the ocean! Oh man! I haven't seen the ocean yet! Now I know what is on our list for tomorrow!
Until then.
Thank you Lord, for all these evidences.
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