I had good intentions.

I had great intentions to post a sentimental, reflective "happy birthday to me" blog today.
I even wrote it about 3/4 of it.
It made me smile. This has been one of my favorite birthdays because I feel like I can see so much the Lord has done, like 365 little ebenezers all in a row that I really want to write about.
But then. Oh, but then.
The rocking chair incident of my adolescent twenty-fifth year.

I was sitting on my mom's back porch, rocking and taking pictures of my kiddos.
Glory weaseled behind my chair and sweetly said, "I push you, Mommy?".
Well of course, darling.

Seriously, the next thing I knew, she was standing over me, splattered in blood and the boys were crying their heads off. I could see blood on the curtains and ugh, just everywhere. I went into panic mode, frantically searching for her injury, as all three of them looked at me like I was a maniac.

Finally, I realized that Glory was fine (thank you, Jesus!!!), but that pesky blood had to be coming from somewhere. And then I realized that my red shirt was wet, but wait - hadn't I put on a white shirt this morning?! And it all clicked. I was bleeding profusely from somewhere and that's why my poor kids were hysterical.

A few panicked phone calls and a few very helpful family members later, I was in the ER getting the massive hole in my face poked and prodded. And it's a hole, indeed. Not something that can be easily stitched or closed, but who cares - it's an inch from my eye! I still have a left eye! Apparently, on my way down from Glory's overzealous rock, I knocked over a floor lamp with quite a heavy glass globe that shattered on my face.

So instead of reading my sentimental birthday post today, would you pray for me while I hopefully get fixed up by the plastic surgeon? And please, please thank the Lord for protecting sweet Glory (and the boys too!) from the falling glass. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Love you friends.

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