my oldest.

Oh, Elias.
Elias right now - you're the epitome of the phrase, "it gets easier and it gets harder".
People used to always tell me about raising babies, "it gets easier and it gets harder".
I didn't really understand until 3 and a half.

But alas, it's not about me and my easy/hard factor of the day.
Here is a little about Ebug.
  • We're a little shocked by his academic ability. He's just like his Daddy - don't be fooled by his calm, quiet veneer. He's a genius underneath. The other day I got some preschool workbooks and I was AMAZED at what he knew/could do

(Also, yes - he is as handsome as his very handsome daddy too)
  • He's incredibly grateful. Seriously. As a mom, there is no way you could feel undervalued. At almost every meal he says, "Thanks mom for this ___________!" without being prompted.
  • He really loves The Food Network.
  • While trains, planes, and "men" are more his thing - when he throws a ball, it makes me want to sign him up for little league.
  • His internal alarm clock is perfect. He pops up every morning at 6:30am on the dot - no matter what time he goes to bed.
  • I just asked him what his favorite food is and he said, "grapes. blueberries. um. um. um. um. pizza." He loves junk food more than any of the other Connollys. His dream day would be waking up with mac n' cheese, pizza for lunch, and fries for dinner. But he doesn't protest when I feed him vegan black bean burgers either!
  • He loves his brother and sister fiercely. He doesn't love when they touch his "stuff", but he really loves them.
  • Elias and Benja have been sharing a room here at Nonny's and it seems to be the perfect set-up for them. Elias just sneaks out when he wakes up and the two of them really love each other.
  • Cuddling is still a big part of his life. As I type, he's laying on his Daddy's lap, way after bedtime, soaking up some physical attention.
  • A silly, very annoying, and yet still hilarious thing he does lately is talk back. If I say, "Elias - you need to go potty!", he'll say - "No, Mommy! YOU need to go potty!". Which makes me laugh and get mad all at once.
Elias Powell Connolly. I love you at 3 and a half.
You're the best big brother I've ever met. Your sister and brother are so blessed to have you.
We are so blessed to have you. I appreciate that with you around, I never have to worry about a bird attacking me or forgetting my wallet at home - since you're already worried about those things for me. I pray that your cautious, protective nature will make you the best Daddy, friend, and man you can be - but that when it's time, you'll step out of your comfort zone and take risks for the Lord and His glory. I love that you stroke my hand without even thinking about it. That you like routine more than I do. I love that you think I'm dying when I exercise and that it takes you thirty-six minutes to put your flip-flops on.
I can't wait to cuddle with you tomorrow and the next day and the next.
your mama.
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