pizza to quinoa

There is a new phenomenon that occurs at our house these days.
Right around meal time, my kids look around slightly confused - just before we begin eating, and then sweetly ask, "mommy! you going to take your picture of your food?".
They're getting used to the fact that I'm constantly taking pictures of our meals.
And here's why.

Somewhere along the way, my quest to lose the weight put on during all three pregnancies and an onslaught of a thyroid disorder turned into my quest to just live healthier. I became less obsessed with pounds and more excited about wellness. I stopped thinking about food as something I needed to limit and miss and started thinking about how beautifully the Lord had made real food to feed and nourish our bodies. Slowly, my favorite food changed from pizza to quinoa.

And I started reading. Lots and lots of food blogs. Mostly real food blogs - women who blog about their meals and eat only actual food - fruits, vegetables, meats, things the Lord gave us to eat. Some just foodie-ish blogs that got me excited about cooking in a whole new way. I just totally fell in love.

And thus, the picture taking began because I couldn't just sit on the sidelines! The more I read, I realized I wanted to write about this too. I debated turning naptime diaries into a partial food blog, but decided that I like this place for what it is. Then I decided to just forget food blogging, that seriously I didn't have the time... but now, I can't help myself. I love it. I love reading about other women's journeys into healthy living and honestly - it is such a helpful piece of accountability for me as I pursue this myself.

So, stop on by if you'd like.
Lots of pictures, recipes, new ideas as I come by them. Even a new foodie friend, Carissa, who is going to help me keep it updated. You're definitely going to want to read what she writes.
It's definitely more of a diary-of-some-ladies-as-they-pursue-healthiness, rather than a how-to or an expert's guide. Come for the great foodie-blog links, at the very least!
Here's whats on the menu.

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