pre-weekend update.

What are ya'll up to this weekend?
Here's a few tidbits for you to snack on over the next few days.
  • No matter what, please go buy Shauna Niequist's book - Bittersweet. If you've ever been through a hard time, had a change that was difficult, or if you're breathing - you should read it. I really just want to quote it over and over again, but I think I'd quote every single paragraph and there have to be some copyright laws against that.
  • Keep checking out Pizza to Quinoa this weekend! We added a new blogger today, one of my faves - Auntie Larlar, and while I usually only post Monday-Friday here, we'll probably post more often over there since there are three of us. Also, we have a giveaway coming next week so look out for it!
  • Next week, I'm going to be doing a lot of kid blogging. Read: lots of ridiculously cute pictures and stories ahead.
  • Keep your eyes on the Gospel Community website. Nick will have some new blogs coming out, updating our process in church planting and fund-raising goodness.
  • On a related note, I cannot believe how quickly this little interim season is passing and how excited we're getting to move to Boston. I will probably do a little blogging about that next week too:)
ok, ok. Just one Bittersweet quote. (she's describing this hard season they just went through)
"There were also a few glittering, very rare moments of peace and sweetness, when I felt the goodness and familiarity of people who loved me, when God's voice sounded tender and fatherly to my ears, when I was able to release my breath and my fists for just a moment and float. And as I mine back through my heart and memories, I notice something interesting: the best moments when I've allowed these changes to work their way through my life, when I've lived up to my faith, when I've been able even for a minute to see life as more than my very own plan unfolding on my schedule, when I've practiced acceptance, when I've floated instead of fought, when I've rested, even for a moment, on the surface instead of wrestling the water itself. And those moments are like heaven."

I think there are a few people who know that they were a part of those moments for me in the last year and I would like to say thank you VERY much.
oh goodness, go get that book:)

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