thankful thursday - husband edition

at re: train graduation, just before our lives got a little crazy in a good way.

Dear Nick.

Hi sweet husband.
I miss you.
I know that this whole living-in-transition-situation has been hard on both of us, and specifically hard for marriage and I'd like to say thanks.
Thanks for not making it harder.
Thank you for not snapping at me or looking at me funny when I burst into tears three times a day. Thanks for knowing I need some time to talk and not promising that it will come in a few hours, but hopefully in a few days.
Thanks for making me feel better about my busted face.
When you look at me, I really believe that it looks fine.
Thank you for knowing that at 5pm yesterday, the kids needed a dance party in a dark room and taking over that responsibility so I could make a quick dinner.
Thanks for letting me play around in the kitchen, since that equals stability for me.
(though I really don't think you should have turned me down on the pistachio pops)
Thank you for always being (maybe a little too) realistic.
Most of all, thanks for not giving me any ideas that church planting will be easy. Even when that's the one thing I want you to say. Instead, when you tell me that you know this is hard and there will be harder times still - that the gospel is worth it, that doesn't necessarily feel nice, but it's true. And I'm thankful.

And of course, thanks for being so handsome.
Love you.

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