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* a preface: I wrote a blog yesterday about wanting to blog better. To like my own blog. To find where it fits. Is anyone sick of me writing about that? Hope not. HOWEVER, I was really overwhelmed and thankful by those who were so encouraging about the present state of this little ditty I've got going. That actually really encouraged me and I'm really actually saying thank-you. One of my favorite "internet friends" Jill said it best,
maybe the things you do, day in and out, jessi, are so important that the blog is fading. the documentation of indescribable moments is ceasing to flow because you are so busy making those moments (that is a compliment).
Honestly... I think she hit the nail on the head. A little bit, I don't even like taking my cameras places lately - because I'm so thankful for what I see, it feels too silly to try and capture it. But maybe that's when you really should, right? And the important moments are the silly hugs before naptime and the beautiful moments of worship during spin class, but they're so important to me. And maybe it IS encouraging for other women to read "I had such a hard day, and then it was so great, but it was so hard, and so great!" over and over and over again. And that's something I never thought of. *
(was that the longest preface you've ever read?)

Tonight, we had a re-do for my birthday.
I really love my birthday, I love everyone's birthday in fact and truth be told - I was a little bummed to have gotten my face busted just before my birthday. So, my sweet family waited two weeks and we did a redo!

The night started perfectly, with overtired kiddos passing out from a long day at the beach and walking around Mt. Pleasant with their shirts off.

*sidebar: this is what it's like when we're in Mt. Pleasant. I spend all day with my sister, literally I saw her three four seperate times today.
1. she stopped by my mom's house at 9am for beach towels
2. I met her and her friends on the beach for a playdate, then we went back to my mom's house for lunch and baby naps
3. she came back after picking up the nieces from school and brought me coffee
(that's just how she is)
4. she came over at 8pm for birthday redo datenight.
But in the middle of #3 and #4, I saw her husband, my brother-in-law at the grocery store while picking Nick up from working at Starbucks and I wasn't even embarrassed that none of my children were wearing shoes and Elias had no shirt on. I love any fun little limbo season where I get to my family all day.

Anyhow, Nonny and Poppy took us all out for a fabulous birthday redo.
First, for appetizers and drinks at a great place called Coast in downtown Charleston.
We just talked and talked and talked. And my family asked and listened as I talked about my twenty-fifth year. I was also more than happy to enjoy some fried green tomatoes and a mango cucumber mojito. Delish.

Nick got to tell us all about his most recent church planting bootcamp & all he'd learned.

And we learned a lot, obvi.
Josh, my brother in law, and Gibson, my stepdad were more than gracious to give up watching the rest of the first USC game of the season. (oh yeah, go cocks! alma mater!)

Then it was off to my absolute favorite - frozen yogurt at freshberry.
If you want to know how much I love freshberry, I'll tell you this.
I have a dairy allergy and it makes me a good bit sick. I had freshberry for dinner on Wednesday night, and while I was getting sick Thursday morning - Nick said, "you're going to eat it again tonight, aren't you?". Yup. Don't feel bad for me.
These hilarious goodies manifested at freshberry.

It was a really wonderful birthday redo.
I'm more than thankful for my family. For a weirdo transition season to do with them.
And I'm super excited for the other 50 weeks of my twenty-sixth year.
Let's do this.
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