boston kitchen dreaming.

We're almost there! We're almost there! We hope, hope, hope, hope!
We'd love if you'd pray, pray, pray, pray!
Not quite sure how much longer we have in our transitional season as we do fundraising, but one thought in particular keeps me excited and distracted from the frustrations of not living in utter stability right now.

the kitchen.

As we look for THE PLACE and get so pumped for all the friends/almost-family we'll make in Boston - the groups we'll host, the families we'll have over for dinner. I can't help but think/dream/hope about the kitchen. Don't get me wrong - I don't care a thing about size - in fact a little baby galley kitchen suits me just fine, I just like to think about how it will look and how we'll decorate it and the meals I'll get to make from there.

So, I'll let you in on my thoughts and you can way in.

My only non-negotiable is that I really prefer we paint it some sort of teal/tiffany blue/pistachio mix. I haven't found the perfect swatch yet, but here are some variations that make me smile:

Doesn't that just make you want a quiet, hopeful, teal-pistachio-mint color on your walls? To me it screams (quietly, obvi) "sit down and have a cup of coffee friend!"

Now, you sweet little practical people are worried that our landlords won't let us paint and specifically won't let us paint the kitchen quiet teal-pistachio-mint green.
I feel you. I'm worried too. Except I'm not, because there are WAY bigger things to worry about in planting a church and moving cross-country, and the Lord seems to be handling those things too. However, I have a plan B.

If we can't sweet talk our way into painting, I will begin collecting fire king jadite china and displaying it like the images found below.

but collecting fire king jadite is a little bit more of an investment than painting your kitchen, amen?

However, on to other pressing daydreaming-about-our-future-place issues.
Now the Connolly's may not be wealthy by the world's standards but I'll tell you what we're rich in. Do you think I'm going to say love? Yes, that too.
But we're REALLY rich in picture frames.
I'd say we have like sixty. And 98% of them are black.
So this go-round, I'd like to capitalize and really decorate with them. REALLY.
I'm thinking some amalgamation of these set-ups.

Ok. This was helpful. For me at least.
Hopefully there aren't too many more fantasy decorating posts.
Because, oh gosh! I can't wait to take pictures and show ya'll our home in Boston!

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