the incubator.

I'm not a whiny-blog fan, I gotta tell you. 
For whatever reason, I like reading and writing with a positive voice - even if it's about a negative subject. But now, I've found myself in a rut and just about all I'd like to blog about is how hard transition is. Alas, I will not. A) of all, because it's not that hard and B) of all, because I'm still trying to hold out on whiny-blogging. 

So, here's what I'll tell you about transition today.
If you find yourself in a weirdo limbo world for a few months - without a home, working towards something but not something that you can necessarily see concrete evidence of, craving stability and "normal", consider yourself in an incubator

Are you pregnant? Waiting to get pregnant? Waiting to get married? Waiting to adopt? To find a job? To find a friend? Waiting on the Lord to change your heart or change your husbands heart or waiting on the Lord to do a massive thing like plant a church and He is doing it slowly and surely, while you would like it done yesterday? Think incubate. Think about the exponential growth the Lord could cause in you in the waiting. 

When Benjamin was born, he had to go to the NICU for a few days because he "didn't transition well".
There were just a few kinks to work out. 
It's been especially sweet to watch our Benja grow during this transition. When we got off that plane from Seattle in late July, he was a big baby. No walking, no talking, lots of whining - but handsome as the day is long. 

And now! The Lord has just grown him up in the past two months! He's such a big boy! And he's so ready for Boston - though I'm not quite sure if Boston is ready for him. He's walking - RUNNING, really. He's talking up a STORM. I could just sit and listen to him allllll day. He's getting better about his whining, his separation anxiety, and he's stopped using hitting as his main means of communication. He even likes Glory a little more now. Nick even said the other day, "I knew we wouldn't move to Boston till Benja started walking". Today he even just sat on the porch, by himself, watching the rain. What a big boy thing to do is that? 

It's like the Lord just used this little transition that feels SO hard sometimes (snuck in a little whine) to grow our kids right up, right into what they needed to be. 

Lord - I'd really like to be done waiting. 
I'd really like to be out of transition. 
But keep me in the incubator as long as you need me. 
What else do I need to know, how else do you need to change me?
I want to transition well. 
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