jessi connolly

Lover of Jesus, thankful for grace, and the only gospel that brings life.
Wife to a hot church planter, who'd I follow anywhere and everywhere.
Currently following him to Charlestown - a neighborhood in Boston, MA.

Met Jesus in high school, my husband a year later. We moved from Charlotte, NC to Columbia, SC for college and both grew to love the church and the idea of spending our lives growing it. Got married in 2005, moved back to Charlotte to help plant a church, had a sweet baby boy & liked it so much we tried to do it again. Moved to Seattle, WA in 2008 to learn more about the church. Had a sweet baby girl there. Fell even more in love with the church and the beauty of gospel-based community. Had another baby boy. Recieved the call to plant in Boston and left Seattle in 2010.

My kids are my very favorite job, very favorite people in the world wide world (besides their daddy) and they're incredibly good looking individuals:). Elias Powell is 3.5,
Gloriana Eloise is 2.5, and Benjamin Haddon is 1.5. We had a busy, sleepless few years and we don't go to restaurants a lot. I'm sure you can imagine why.

So here's what we'll find here.
Jesus | family | cooking | coffee | fingernail polish | nappy hair | friends |
writing | reading | running | healthy living | the church |
design | theology |

please, please enjoy.