week in review, picture style

running during beautiful sunsets.

trying out a new running skirt! doing a review of running gear for Mama Manifesto. This one is from Lucy - and here is a spoiler alert: I love it.

Nick is officially working full time for Gospel Community so he feels strongly about working from nine to five. But he hates spending money on coffee and working from Starbucks,
so when the nieces take off for school - he sets up shop.

I've started doing some ghetto-Jessi-made-up-preschool-homeschool curriculum. The kids are so super sweet and loving learning. But if you want to know how I feel about it, see the corner of this picture. Apparently teaching letters, numbers, and shapes is a little much for me.

memorial day cookout. I think i'm getting to the point where i'm ready to retire the ever-present ginormo pearls. Lately, all I see when I look at them is frankenstein's bolts coming out of his neck.

An embarrassing picture of your son never hurts anyone. This is his "european swimming suit". I wish I could tell you that the padding flotation helps him to have the courage to swim, but it really only makes him feel sassy.

Benja, well - he just goes naked most of our days in the south.
But seriously, does he get more handsome by the second? The answer is yes.

and Glor doesn't care what she's wearing, as long as she's covered in bright pink lipstick.

Happy Weekend ya'll!
what are you up to?
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