you know what?

Yesterday, I was thinking.
This is a strange season for us. We're trying to do many things at once.
Fundraise to plant a church, visit with family, learn as much as we can.
We're also trying all the normal stuff: raising our kids, becoming better mothers & fathers (by the grace of God) and the same for being married.

It's not that we're so super ambitious.
We've just received a call that we can't deny, that is growing more overwhelming by the day.
But as the call to move to Boston sounds louder in our hearts, the everyday calls - they don't get quieter. Not a bit. Maybe louder. Daily, my heart yearns to be a better wife and mother so that Nick has the freedom to be a better church planter. Daily, I want to be a better friend - so I can love my future (and past) friends well. All the calls, they just get louder and the time - it just gets shorter.

So, blogging where does it fall in that? Is it a call? A worthy pursuit?
Food blogging, that feels fun right now. This fun challenge, place of accountability, little hobbyish sort of thing that I love to write about and read about in stolen moments. But what about this little corner of the internets? I started thinking... I love blogs and I love reading blogs and I don't even think that I'd like to read mine. It doesn't have any of the qualities of blogs I like to read. I talked to Nick and he immediately understand, and encouraged me to write about those things, to make it interesting.

And shouldn't it be? If it's going to distract from these other worthy pursuits?
If I'm going to have to be intentional to do it at night or at naptime or at 5am?
Shouldn't I want to read it, or ppppssssh... you want to read it?
So - you know what, I'm thinking on that.
What would make this blog worth writing, or moreover - worth reading.

And listen, I'd like to hear your thoughts too, friend.
Make a cup of coffee (or tea, Lauren) and write a comment.
What blogs do you get excited to read and why?
What do you get excited to write and why?
What takes something like this from a distraction of worthy pursuits to the place of supplementing those pursuits as they already exist?

*** One issue that has been predetermined are there are far too few pictures. Really, good interesting pictures. Here is my first step in remedying that problem. Good day. ***

one of my beautiful little worthy pursuits.
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